​The coolest samsung galaxy s7 accessories on the market right now

​The coolest samsung galaxy s7 accessories on the market right now

Posted by Marketing on 29th Mar 2017

The latest Samsung galaxy phone has proven very popular. Between its pleasing aesthetics and functional design, there’s a lot to like about it. What's more, Samsung galaxy s7 accessories are no exception. There have been a number of cool and ultra-stylish Samsung galaxy s7 accessories hitting the market recently. Find out about some of the hottest ones here!

From touch to keyboard

If you’ve never quite come to grips with the touchscreen keyboard, you’ll be happy to discover that you can now transform your touchscreen into a classic keyboard. That’s right. This Samsung Galaxy s7 accessory helps you to return to a QWERTY keyboard by sliding it over the phone screen. The best part? The classic QWERTY keyboard (much like the beloved blackberry) features an ergonomic design that promotes productivity!

The wireless phone charger

Forget the hassle of tangled wires when charging your phone; Samsung has brought out a fast-charging stand that operates wirelessly. This will likely prove to be one of your favourite Samsung galaxy s7 accessories if you’ve always despised those hassling wires.

The on-the-go charger

Many of us depend heavily upon our phones, so no one wants to get caught out with a flat battery. Luckily this new Samsung galaxy s7 accessory has been created, allowing you to charge up to four devices at once in your car.

Escape to Virtual Reality

Want to know one of the most unique Samsung galaxy s7 accessories? We’d give that prize to the Samsung Gear VR. This bad boy allows you to access a virtual reality with built-in controls, an improved field of view and more.

From Lamp to Charger

One very unique accessory for the latest Samsung is the new IKEA Varv Table lamp. Initially appearing as a stylish and simple lamp, this IKEA piece actually offers a very functional edition with its base acting as a wireless charger for your phone. 

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