Nokia 3310 (2017)

Nokia 3310 (2017)

Posted by Marketing on 12th Apr 2017

Earlier in the year Nokia exploded back on to the smartphone scene by relaunching an old favourite, the Nokia 3310. Many of us will remember the classic Nokia 3310 fondly, to this date it is still one of the most popular mobile phones of all time.


This tiny little device is certainly reminiscent of the old 3310’s iconic design. From the layout of the physical buttons to the strong border around the screen that encompasses the main navigation buttons, this phone is instantly recognisable. Especially in the iconic dark blue and grey colour combination we are all so familiar with. Weighing in at a tiny 79.6 grams, the new 3310 is noticeably lighter than the 137 gram original.

The original Nokia 3310 was famous for its ability to withstand a beating time and time again, constructed entirely from sturdy plastic the new 3310 does feel durable but only time will tell if it is as durable as is namesake.

Our only wish is that Nokia would have stuck slightly closer to the original design, keeping the interchangeable front and back covers that the original phone was so famous for.



The new Nokia 3310’s screen is a 2.4 inch 240 x 320 full colour display, nothing special for a modern phone but it is still a huge improvement from the originals black and white screen. The screen is bright enough with descent colours and contrast, however it’s not what you would consider sharp but text is perfectly readable.


The Nokia 3310 uses Nokia’s simplistic feature phone operating system called ‘Nokia Series 30+’ rather than android or heaven forbid windows 10. This software covers all of the basics you need in a modern phone including Contacts, Calculator, Messages, Calendar, a basic web browser, photos, radio, music player and camera application. There is also a simple app store and it is rumoured that basic Facebook and Twitter apps will be available to download.

Of cause no mention of the Nokia 3310 is complete without the mention of the name Snake. Yes, it is finally back! Although with a major overhaul and even a new name ‘Snake Xenzia’.


One of the most useful features of the original Nokia 3310 was its seemingly infinite 900mAh battery providing 2.5 hours of talktime and 260 hours of standby. This has now been upgraded to a massive 1,200mAh pack that should survive around 22 hours of talk time and up to 31 days of standby.


The original Nokia 3310 pre-dates cameras in phones, although thankfully Nokia did not omit this feature for the sake of authenticity. The Nokia 3310 (2017) comes with a basic 2MP shooter, the images it produces are exactly what you would expect from a 2MP camera. However don’t expect to take too many pictures without needing a Micro SD card as there is only a minute 16MB of internal storage.


For those of us lucky enough to remember the original Nokia 3310 the new version is almost a no-brainer buy, cheap with a solid set of features the Nokia 3310 is a great little back up phone with more than enough battery life to get you through a festival without needing a recharge.