Huawei P10 Premium Leather Book Wallet Case


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Huawei Ascend P10 Premium Leather Book Wallet Case
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Just as the name suggests our top selling premium leather wallet Huawei Ascend P10 case provides the best of both worlds, elegant protection and functional practicality for your phone. This cover is made from high grade genuine leather and has useful card slots for storing bank cards, driving license or business cards with another bigger pocket that is perfect for storing notes or cash. This case is not only practical but also ultra stylish, perfect for those of you that want the benefits of a wallet style case made from the highest quality leather. With this in mind, the 32nd Huawei Ascend P10 premium leather wallet case features a classic design that provides a touch of leather sophistication to your phone without compromising your phones functionality. The inner shell of this case is made from a strong polycarbonate material with a soft touch satin finish that is designed to hold your mobile phone firmly in position. All of our Huawei Ascend P10 cases are precision moulded ensuring a snug fit every time, offering easy access to all your Ascend P10's important features. Our premium leather wallet series cases for the Huawei Ascend P10 feature accurate cutouts offering easy access to your phones camera, speakers, headphone jack and charging port, along with additional features such as practical built in card slot and storage compartment making this case perfect for every day use. With this elegant premium leather wallet cover you'll never need to worry about having to remove your case while going about your daily routine. Physical keys such as the devices power button and volume rocker are within easy reach thanks to the precision moulded inner shell. This gorgeous premium leather wallet case is designed to provide a great level of attractive protection for the Ascend P10 with the addition of both style and practicality. Available in a fantastic selection of classic colours including; Black, Chestnut Brown, Dark Brown and Tan. It is easy to find a colour that suits you.

  • Made from high quality premium leather with a matte finish.

  • Precision moulded inner shell with soft touch finish.

  • Access to camera, charging port and headphone socket.

  • Angle stand design allows easy watching of videos and other media

  • Choice of colours.

  • Designed to fit Huawei Ascend P10